Single Anglers Welcome

Do you need a partner for a fishing trip to split the costs of lodging and guides? Or just an angling companion? Over the years we have spoken to many anglers that really desire to go on a saltwater trip, or on a western trout fishing adventure, but ultimately end up not going because they just can't find a partner to go with. Either their friends don't like fishing that much (get new friends!) or their schedules just don't match.

We can pair you up with other like-minded anglers so that you benefit from the double occupancy rates that all lodges offer. This can be a huge savings, usually between one third to one half the cost of the single rate.

Pairing up with a partner is also an opportunity to meet some really nice people who want the same kind of experience you do in a fishing vacation. It also provides a way to have spouses and friends join but not HAVE to fish. Furthermore, it's a great chance to learn from a new fishing friend and to generate a relationship that may lead to other trips. Plus, it's nice to have someone along who can capture your fish-of-a-lifetime on film.

Here's what some single anglers had to say:

"Vince, my 2008 trip to Crooked Island in the Bahamas with you was most enjoyable. The ability to hook up with your group worked to my advantage in saving money, by getting a double occupancy price, and joining with a great bunch of people. My roommate was a good match with me and we got along great. The practice of fishing partners rotating if we desired worked well also, letting us see and sometimes learn from our on water partner's fishing skills. I would guess many people out there are in my shoes in having a hard time finding someone who can enjoy or afford going on this type of trip. Your service makes it easy. Having a host on the trip would, in the unlikly chance of having a problem in a matchup, allow for change or correction also.   Thanks."       Jim Bowerman      Livingston, TX

"Vince has asked me to say something about my trips with him.  He is much better than because:
     1. At least you and your room mate have one thing in common or you wouldn`t be on the trip.
     2. It only lasts one week.
     3. When it`s over there are no fights over who gets custody of the 8 wt. Sage Z-axis rod.
  The pluses are easy.  You save money, meet great people, and catch fish.  You spend the whole day fishing in some of the most beautiful places on earth.  You come back tired, drink a few beers, have a good meal, swap fish stories  (real or imagined).  Every one likes to tell his stories to an audience, not a trapped roommate who will go brush his teeth & turn out the light.  Roommates are easy. You see them 20 minutes in the morning, half of which you are each in the bathroom. 10 minutes at night, half of which you are each in the bathroom.  Who can you tell those great stories about if you didn`t have a roommate.  I have been on ten trips with Vince.   All have been good.  I have made some great friends.  If you don`t believe me, for a $35 fee I will send you the names and e-mails addresses of my roommates and you can check with them."    
                                                                                                                                           Walt Dunsby   Granby, CO

"I fished Eleuthera in April '08 with host Vince Tobia and fellow "single" angler (we're both married but our spouses don't fish), Kerry Rider. He was from Colorado and I from California. We found out pretty fast that we were of similar age and background, had similar interests and skills and so the week's fishing was a series of pleasant much so that Kerry and I are going trout fishing together in September '08!!                    Tom Lucas    Carlsbad, CA

Our Scheduled Trips:

Great Inagua, Bahamas   (December 10-15)
Crooked Island, Bahamas     (March 14-21, 21-28) 2 weeks
Great Inagua, Bahamas                           (February 16-23)
Great Inagua, Bahamas         (March 20-27 & March 27-April 3)
June Trout Camp           (June dates tbd)
Alberta Trout Odyssey    (August 2015)  full
Fernie, British Columbia      (August dates tbd)        

More information on each trip:

Contact us if you're interested in going on one of our hosted trips, or even if you have a specific lodge in mind for yourself—we have a large network of anglers that are always looking to go on an exciting fly fishing adventure--and they only need a partner.

There is no charge or added cost for our help
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